A doll house for your dolly!

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I love to create scenarios for my girls to interact with. I believe that it is in the details that they become alive! So, naturally I am always looking for cute little objects of their size scale that they can play and enjoy, as the lovely little girls they are.

And what can be cuter than a dolly house in dolly scale? I was trilled when I found this Sylvanian Families mini house on Ebay! They are perfect for 1:6 scale and beyond cute!

SONY DSCThey are done to such amazing detail, and there are so many furniture pieces, it looks almost identical to the real size Sylvanian Families toys!

SONY DSCThere are many kits available in the line. The one I choose is a big (little) house with 4 rooms. Each room is sold separately in a tiny box, but you can buy all 4 together from the sellers on Ebay as well.

SONY DSCThey are super easy to put together! The instructions are all in Japanese, but it is very well illustrated so I believe no one will have trouble with them!

The boxes are numbered 1 to 4, each one can be assembled individually. You may then put them all together to form a doll house.

SONY DSCEach box contains a plastic bag with all the pieces of the room, the stickers and a small figure. If you turn the box inside out, it will become your instruction sheet.


Ah, they come with a little candy bag too, but it looks kinda suspicious and god knows how long they have been inside that box, so eat at your own risk.

SONY DSCWhen you open the numbered plastic bag you can see all the parts of the room together in a frame and the stickers to attach to them.

It is better to follow the pictures in the instruction sheet and attach the stickers before cutting the parts out of the frame. If you try to stick them afterwards, it can be tricky to get them in the right place. The stickers are numbered as well, and it is really easy to figure out where to place them.

SONY DSCDetaching the pieces from the frame can be done using an office knife and a nail file to sand the rough edges. You can then assemble it by following the instruction sheet, and… voilà!

SONY DSCYour lovely tiny little room is ready for the girls to have fun in!

SONY DSCWhen you are done with all the rooms they can be put together as a lovely two story house!

SONY DSCI bought my Sylvanian Families Mini House Set 2013 at eBay from this seller. It arrived quickly and safe, I am very satisfied with his service.

They are several models available, this is just one of them and they are all super cute!

What do your dollies play with? Please let me know in the comments below!




Site Update – Testimonial Page

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The Testimonial page of our site is finally online!

There you can see what the new mommies of Ma Poupée Chérie’s girls have to say about their baby dollies <3



Thank you so much all the lovely ladies who support my work and gave the girls such wonderful homes! I don’t have words to express my gratitude!

You can see all the testimonials here.

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Happy Easter!

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I want to wish all our friends a lovely Easter day!


Soon lovely Caroline will be at her new home, but for today she help us in this sweet photo!

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Sneak Peek at the newest Ma Poupée Chérie arrival!

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You do wanna build a snowman with her, don’t you?

Our newest girl loves cosplaying and can’t stop watching and rewatching Frozen right now. Here she is in her pretty Anna costume


More pictures of her and details about our little girl are coming soon in the upcoming days. Stay tuned to our Instagram feed and Facebook page.

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Baby Chanel and her Beautiful Pictures

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Another baby dolly was born this week, and she is a very special little girl!
Her name is Chanel, named by her mommy, Andrea. She is a cute baby, with beautiful long hair, and lots of personality!


I am very happy to create this girl for Andrea, one of the first and best friends I made at the Blythe Community.

She has always supported me and encouraged me during the time I was training and learning the skills needed for the doll custom craft.

She believed in me in times I was low on faith, and if I now stand tall and proud, it is thanks to her too!

I really hope you like baby Chanel, Andrea. I made her with lots of love and give you my best wishes, may she bring you lots of joy!


I will miss Chanel, but am very happy she has such a wonderful mom. And on top of that, I will be able to see lots of pictures of her, together with her adorable sister Lola!

We did a photo shoot together before her long trip across the Atlantic, check it out here

Chanel’s Photo Shoot

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Customisation Diaries #2 – Stop the Rain!

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my creative mess

my creative mess

Misty’s makeover is going pretty fast, and it would be faster if the rain would stop and I could spray her all new carved faceplate with MSC.

I took the day yesterday to redo the carving work and to sand her face until my fingers go numb (the only step of the customisation process that I really hate). Here is a small video to show you how boring it is:

Really short, so you don’t fall asleep.

The good news is that I found the PERFECT multi-effect spray for her eyelids! Elsa’s eyeshadow is pretty dark and sparkly. It is very hard to reproduce that when you are painting plastic, but I am rather pleased with the results achieved with this spray.

The paint is made by Humbrol, and the correct name for it is Multi-Effect Spray in the colour Violet 215. It looks transparent when you spray it, but as soon as it starts drying, the effects become noticeable! It is very pretty and can be used with other base colours, not only purples and violets.

Olaf approves my new multi-effect spray too!

Olaf approves my new multi-effect spray too!

In the photo above you can see how beautiful the eyelids turned out. Sadly I will have to redo all of the work because I was not patient enough to wait the dry time, ruining it when trying to see how it looks like in the faceplate. Yah, mea culpa, no one else to blame.

I am dying to see how she will turn out after the makeup! I already picked the perfect (or almost) colours for all the job and just can’t wait to get started!


Misty's new colours

Misty’s new colours

Argh… it is really frustrating, having to wait.


Customisation Diaries #1 – Misty Returns

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The next orphan girl is sitting by my side right now at my working desk, but I can’t seem to find the inspiration needed to start working on her just yet.

Instead, I  have decided to redo Misty’s face-up, something I’ve been planing for quite some time. Misty was my first “finished” custom Blythe doll. I say finished because before her I was training on TBL faceplates I bought on Ebay.

Poor baby, she is traumatized.

Poor baby, she is traumatized.

Back then, I didn’t have much skill and was scared I’d ruin her forever, so I did a very light carving and make up – really light. I can barely see her colours anymore, and her lipstick… well, I made a newbie mistake when trying to apply the glossy varnish.

One year has gone by, and I now feel confident to redo the work I did on her. The inspiration came with Disney’s new movie Frozen and its protagonist, Elsa. When I saw her in the big screen, I immediately remembered Misty, and began to image how beautiful she would look with those bold and lovely colours.

The inspiration for Misty

The inspiration for Misty. Image credits: Promo

Her day has come! I am starting work on her today. She is not very happy about it, poor thing, but I am sure everything is gonna be just fine! Hang tight Misty baby!

As I do the work, I intend on posting the progress to this blog. That way, everyone who wants to join in with me can participate in some way. Feel free to comment your thoughts or suggestions, if you have any. I’d love to hear them!

The operation table and the patient.

The operation table and the patient.

Wish me luck!


Lotte is…

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Today is a very happy and special day for me. It’s been a year since I started collecting and customising Blythe dolls, and I have finally listed my first baby dolly for adoption in my Etsy Store.

I can’t deny having mixed feelings right now. In a way, I am very excited and fulfilled by the fact that finally my work and skills have reached such a level that I can proudly show my babies to the world, but I am already missing my cute baby Lotte…

I am completely aware how strange this sounds to the most people, but those who share my love for these little plastic adorable dollies know my feelings!

  • Lotte is lovely isn't she?

    Lotte is lovely isn’t she?

  • She looks great in that winter hat, don't you think?

    Winter is her favourite season. She does look great in that winter hat, don’t you think?

  • Lotte having some me time with her Latte and Magazines?

    Lotte having some me time with her latte and magazines

  • Oh don’t mind me, I’m just dreaming about

  • Look at those pouty eyes! Who can resist them?

    Look at those pouty eyes! Who can resist them?

  • I know what you did, but don't worry, I'm not telling anybody

    I know what you did, but don’t worry, I’m not telling anybody

It is hard for me to think baby Lotte soon will not be living with me anymore, but I am sure she will find a great and loving mommy or dad who will love her as much as I do. I really hope to see lots of photos of her in her new home!

You can visit Lotte’s Gallery here, for more info about her and more photos of her cuteness <3

Hugs and kisses, -C