Daisy is a cute and charming light blonde girl, with not a lot of friends, but quite the temper. She might seem cute and lovely on the outside, but she can get really really mad if she’s not at the center stage.

Do you not love me anymore?

She can be quite needy with attention, and will not tolerate her friends having fun without her being involved.

A sad life story

Daisy’s mother died while she was still very young. While her father loves her very much, he doesn’t have the time nor puts in the effort in making her feel loved. She feels alone in the world, and looks forward to the day she will find some love and finally feel happy.

Melancholy apart, she still portrays a very naive and delicate style, and tries to look always at the bright side of life – unless someone dares crossing her path, opposing her.

Custom Info

  • Birthday: June 27th 2014
  • Custom #: 18
  • Base Doll: Goody Girl Go Go
  • Sanding, new makeup with high quality pastels sealed with MSC, carved lips and nose, boggling and gaze correction, lovely new pull charms, sleepy eyes, spray and hand painted eyelids with acrylic paint and glitter. Hair softening, cut and treatment.
  • Eye chips: 2 REAL EYE by sabparos, 2 stock special colors

Lonely & Gorgeous

I just want someone to love me and share their life with me, and be happy and stuff.

Daisy might feel lonely now, but she would be really pleased to move in with you and make both of your lives happier. While she can have a temper and be needy at times, there is a lovely person ready to bloom out from her once she finds comfort. Are you meant to be together?