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Melody is loud, rather childish, and seems to get on the nerves of quite a few people but all the while she is still very kind, and supportive of her friends and loved ones. Wherever she goes, her presence tends to lighten up the mood, and surely won’t go unnoticed.
A bit self conscious about her looks, she wishes she was born a bit shorter and cuter. Melody is pretty good at sports due to her height, though she’d rather prefer to be good at knitting, felting, or other girly crafty things – which sadly she seems to have no talent for.

She loves singing, and has a nice voice. Her friends keep telling her she should try to be a professional musician, but she’s too busy keeping everyone at ease and fixing other people’s problems.

Melody is a loving girl and one that would never ignore a request from a friend. She loves helping others to work toward their dreams, and feels happy doing so. Maybe she can cheer you on to yours while you both grow your acquaintance to one another?

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