Lotte is a shy, cute little bug that needs lots of love. Born to upper class parents in London, she used to live in Brussels, where she had hardly any friends.

Hug me, love me, kiss me! I’m still new around here but I’m sure we can all be friends can’t we?

She tends to snatch away every boy she lays her eyes on thanks to her cute helplessness, but shies away from them.

The Perks of being…

A bit of a wallflower, she can lend her ears and shoulders to being anyone’s confidant, as long as they’re nice to her. She cares deeply about others, but fails to express her concerns to any but those who managed to gain her trust.

She loves the winter, and her clothing style is subtle and classic while still vivid and colourful. Her favourite colours are lilac and baby blue, and she’s just moved in with a loving family in North Carolina.

Custom Info

  • Birthday: Feb 1st 2014
  • Custom #: 6
  • Base Doll: Lavender Hug
  • Changes: Sanding, new makeup with high quality pastels sealed with MSC, carved lips and nose, hair softening, boggling and gaze correction, lovely new pull charms, sleepy eyes, hand painted eyelids with acrylic paint and glitter.
  • Eye chips: 4 custom hand painted

Remuage & Dégorgement

After ageing for four to five years in the chalk cellars, the bottles are placed in traditional wooden racks to undergo remuage – a centuries-old riddling process.

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