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Hello there, thanks for stopping by! Here at the Ma Poupée Chérie atelier I create my beautiful custom Blythe girls with sugar, spice, everything nice and lots of love. Each girl that takes life through my hands is truely one of a kind.

Me and the girls would like to welcome you all to our lovely showcase on the web. They are so proud of their own photo shoots! Feel free to browse. If you do like what you see, pass by our Etsy store, we might as well have just the right girl there for you.

If you appreciate our work and would like to adopt or just see the pictures of our future girls, do subscribe to our newsletter using the form below. We just love to get feedback, and if you have any suggestions, or just wanna talk about dollies do get in touch.

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Made With Love

Our dolls are crafted with lots of love. Each one of them isn't planned, but becomes alive through our hands. They decide by themselves who they want to be and what suits them best. Some of them come out the way they want to in the first try, some take a few tries, but in the end they all end up full of character, with their own tastes and personality, ready to be loved by you.





Hi, I’m Carolina, nice to meet you! Blythe dolls are my passion and customising them is what makes my days bright. Every girl I create is unique, has her own personality and her own style.

If you would like to know more about what goes into crafting these pretty little things, the story behind it all and how I work, check out facebook, instagram and flickr!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a handful of information you might be wondering about if you happened to like our work. If you have any more questions, don’t be shy, ask away using the contact form below!

Do you accept comissions?

Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

I am not comfortable accepting commission works. If you want to know when the next girl will be available for adoption please subscribe to our newsletter!

Do you reroot the dolls’ scalps?

I might someday, but don’t quite have the skill to do it for others right now. All of my girls with alpaca hair have their scalps done by Patty Paris, and I totally recommend her work!

Are all dolls available for purchase?

Our dolls go on sale in Etsy. If they’re there and not on layaway, they’re available. They usually go pretty fast though. Why don’t you sign up for our newsletter to know before everyone else when a new girl is listed in the shop?

Can you make me a doll just like XXX?

Unfortunatelly as each doll is handmade, it’s impossible for me to repeat the same doll even if I wanted to. I like to say they take life through my hands the way they want rather thank me “crafting” them to my own will and tastes.

How often do you craft new dolls?

I try to stick to a schedule of 2-4 dolls per month. That allows me the time to properly focus on each one of them and make sure they come out right. I do a complete photo shoot of each one of them after crafting, which also takes quite a bit of time.

How much do they cost?

Our dolls range from $1200 – $1800 US dollars, depending on the base doll and how much interest they get from the community. We accept layaway plans on selected dolls with 30% upfront and 70% within 1 month of the initial payment. Reserves are possible upon a 30% advance on any doll with the full amount to be paid within 7 days.

  • @ilpiccololeone

    No words can adequately describe this beautiful custom Blythe doll!! Maple is an absolute dream come true, as I’ve been in search of the ideal custom girl for a long time. I nearly fell off my chair in utter joy and surprise when I came across Maple!! She is simply stunning with perfect, adorable facial features and a priceless expression. Her custom pullstring charms are so beautiful and unique, too. The artist and customizer is such a delightful person!!

  • @ccsmile14

    Beautiful, beautiful girl! Her face up is flawless, hair so soft and smells wonderful! Gifts that came along with her are wonderful! She’s perfect, beautifully packaged, arrived fairly fast. Carolina is an artist beyond my expectations! Great person overall and I highly recommend her ❤

  • lois2003

    Where can I begin! Irwenn is even more beautiful than her photos! You have done an amazing job Carolina! Your attention to detail is unbelievable. She is wearing such a special, charming dress and i love the custom box she was shipped in. Not everyone puts this much into the presentation. Thank you for the photos and the chocolates!!! I will take very good care of her! Thank you Carolina!

  • @belle.gigi

    Thank you so much Carolina for this awesome girl! Gigi is so precious and like a daughter for me, I’m so happy to have her in my family! She is absolutely perfect! I love the amazing work you made on her! I’m in love when I look at her adorable face! She arrived in a wonderful box with many gifts! Thank you so much with all my heart for your kindness and your generosity! I highly recommend your beautiful shop! You are a great artist and a great seller!

  • @blythe_blythe_love

    Andie is such a beautifully created doll! Well-made and exquisite. 🙂 Communications with Carolina was smooth, and shipping was fast. The doll even came with prettily taken pictures of her, as well as a cute little sheep pal. Carolina even added in some nice chocolates within the package, which was really sweet of her. Thanks Carolina, for everything!
    And thank u for all the special goodies, you really know how to make someone feel special. Love your girls.


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