About my dolls

The Ma Poupée Chérie doll

  • A custom doll, based on the original Blythe doll from the 1970s
  • Hand carved and painted by artist Carolina Santello
  • 1:6 Scale (playscale), like Barbie and most other fashion dolls
  • Oversized head makes these dolls extra cute, unique and child-like
  • Eye mechanism with 4 pairs of handmade eye chips
  • Gaze direction can be changed between left, right or frontal gaze through the use of a pull charm in the back of the head, each with its own pair of eye chips.
  • Eye lids covered in high quality cotton fabric can be opened or closed with a second pull ring

What comes in the box?

  • Your doll, handmade with love and care 💖
  • Booklet including care instructions and certificate of authenticity
  • Outfit - it's not always the same. The outfit you will get is the one pictured in your doll's page. It's always handmade though! Every doll ships with a lovely dress, pantyhose and shoes. 
  • Luxury satin lined box for storage, travel and safekeeping.

What kind of doll is this?

Ma Poupéé Chérie dolls are one of a kind custom Blythe dolls. They are a collector's item and not a children's toy, but can be enjoyed by doll lovers of all ages with the proper care.

Who is this doll for

  • Doll enthusiasts looking for an exquisite addition to their doll family that is full of life and personality when taking pictures
  • Doll collectors looking to add a romantic one of a kind doll to their wonderful collections
  • Photographers looking for a model they can employ any time of day or night to take pictures of.
  • Clothing designers looking for the perfectly cute model to design attires for at a smaller scale
  • As a centerpiece in a romantic and shabby chic style decor.

Why you'll love it

Every Ma Poupée Chérie doll is handmade, bit by bit, with passion and care in Belgium. They are lovingly hand-carved, hand-painted, and hand assembled by Ma Poupée Chérie artist Carolina Santello with over 6 years of experience and a lifetime of love for dollies.


The perfect gift

A gift for yourself

Treat yourself to a dolly to help keep your sanity during lockdown

One of a kind

One of a kind

Every girl is unique, with a backstory to fit



A custom Blythe doll carved and painted by hand

Heirloom Item

Heirloom Item

A true collector's item with special attention to detail


  • Head and eye mechanism made of polymer non-toxic resin
  • interchangeable hands for added expressiveness
  • Eye chips made of glass with handmade patterns
  • Hair made of soft synthetic fiber, carefully treated and styled in Belgium

Body Types

*Panties and bras shown in the picture are not included with the dolls

Your doll might come in one these 3 body types. Check the "Specs" tab on the doll page to see which one your favorite doll has. If you would prefer to have a different body type with your doll, please send me an email after you purchase. I will swap the body free of cost for you.

  • Body Type B: Flexible silicone rubber with bendable arms and limited movement on the legs. Best for displaying
  • Body Type L: Flexible silicone rubber with bendable arms and legs. Best for playing
  • Body Type P: Fully articulated body made of non-toxic resin with interchangeable hands. Best for photography and posing


How does changing the eyes work?

Pull the charm with the glass cabochón on a straight line away from the back of the head of the doll, while supporting her from the back. Her eyes will close and you will hear a "click" sound.


Pull the resin flower charm to open her eyes again. If you would like her to look "sleepy", don't pull all the way.


Every time you change the eyes, the direction she looks at also changes. The eye chips are fixed at a certain direction, it is not possible to mix and match directions and colours, except the front gaze which has 2 pairs of eye chips to choose from.

The Artist

Based in the region of Flanders in Belgium, Carolina Santello creates custom dolls since 2014. With over 140 dolls sold, her romantic and classic style is loved by customers the world over, from the USA to Australia, all around Europe and even Asia. Learn more


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