By purchasing a doll you are directly sponsoring one kitten or adult cat during their foster care all the way through adoption. 

A part of the revenue from every doll I sell goes to rescuing and re homing kittens, strays and feral cats, and making sure no more cats are brought to life without the guarantee of food, love and shelter. By buying my dollies you are supporting this cause!

Your money helps pay for:

  • Spaying / neutering
  • Vaccines
  • Treatment of pre-existing conditions and diseases
  • Food and supplies

Watch my Instagram, Facebook or this page for updates on the kittens sponsored by the project!

Kattenopvang Waasland

 My charity of choice for this project is Kattenopvang Waasland, a local organisation that helps by fostering and finding loving homes for kittens and adult cats alike. You can read more about their work on their website.

Started by Kate, who used to be an assistant at my local vet's practice, and Evy who has formal training in the care of senior age animals, they have helped cat owners and cats since 2012.

Their goals are:

  • championing the rights of the cat
  • fight against ill-treatment, neglect and over-breeding of cats
  • being a no-kill shelter
  • socialize cats correctly
  • provide all cats with a good and appropriate home, including older cats
  • give tips and advice to the new owners about healthy food, introduction of a new cat, cat language, etc ...

Click the button below to visit their donation page (in Flemish).

Visit Website Donate

Kittens and Cats Sponsored

Coming soon, cute kitten pictures during their foster care!

How I Rescued My Cats

I work together with the NGO Kattenopvang Waasland in rescuing local strays and feral cats. Me and my husband actively search the neighborhood for cats, lay down humane traps that don't hurt them at all and take them to our veterinarian be neutered / sterilized and find a loving home for them through the NGO.

It all started in 2018 when our son found kittens eating out of the trash can outside. We followed the kittens around to discover mother cat Luna, a lovely black cat with the softest and fluffiest fur I've ever seen, along with her 4 healthy and adorable kittens, were living in our garage. We fed them for a couple of days, but were afraid someone would call the authorities to "deal with them" - in our municipality they "deal" with cats by euthanizing them - poor babies!

So we asked around for help in catching them, inexperienced as we were. Called every NGO in the country, no one would even lend us a trap. We decided to take action anyway. We bought humane traps, learned how to set them up, and got the kittens and mama cat used to eating inside the traps before activating them. After catching them, we took them to a vet specialized in dealing with feral cats for neutering and vaccinating and took them home. 

We fostered their cat family for 3 months, socializing them. We ended up keeping mother cat Luna and 2 of her kittens, and put the other 2 for adoption through Kattenopvang Waasland after hearing about them from our local vet. We couldn't be happier with how they handled the process: we were in control the whole time, being able to interview adopters and decide whether they were the best match for Luna's baby kittens.


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