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What kind of doll is this?

Ma Poupéé Chérie dolls are one of a kind handmade fashion dolls. A heirloom item to be passed down from mother to daugther as children grow old enough to appreciate and to have the necessary care for a collector's item.

Who is this doll for

  • Moms who want a heirloom item to add to their babies and toddler's rooms that they will appreciate even more as they cross into teenage years and adulthood
  • As a centerpiece in a romantic and shabby chic style decor.
  • Doll enthusiasts looking for an exquisite addition to their doll family that is full of life and personality when taking pictures
  • Doll collectors looking to add a romantic one of a kind doll to their wonderful collections
  • Photographers looking for a model they can employ any time of day or night to take pictures of.
  • Clothing designers looking for the perfectly cute model to design attires for at a smaller scale


I come from a lush, mystical forest where I love to gallop and chase rainbows! I think miracles happen all the time and you, my friend, are one of them. We are all unique and capable of incredible things, so let’s show the world what’s magical about us. Let’s be unicorns together!

Favourite quote: “Everything she does is magic.”

Favourite things:

  • Cake
  • Walking outside when it's sunny
  • Her favourite fluffy blanket when it rains

The Ma Poupée Chérie doll

  • Design inspired by the original Blythe doll from the 1970s
  • Hand carved and painted in Belgium by artist Carolina Santello
  • 1:6 Scale (playscale), like Barbie and most other fashion dolls
  • Oversized head makes these dolls extra cute, unique and child-like
  • Eye mechanism with 4 pairs of handmade eye chips
  • Gaze direction can be changed between left, right or frontal gaze through the use of a pull charm in the back of the head, each with its own pair of eye chips.
  • Eye lids covered in high quality cotton fabric can be opened or closed with a second pull ring


  • Head and eye mechanism made of polymer non-toxic resin
  • Body Type L: Flexible silicone rubber with bendable arms and legs
  • Body Type P: Fully articulated body made of non-toxic resin with interchangeable hands for added expressiveness
  • Eye chips made of glass with handmade patterns
  • Hair made of soft synthetic fiber, carefully treated and styled in Belgium

The Artist

Based in the region of Flanders in Belgium, Carolina Santello creates custom dolls since 2014. With over 140 dolls sold, her romantic and classic style is loved by customers the world over, from the USA to Australia, all around Europe and even Asia. Learn more


  • Base mold: TBL
  • Body Type: L
  • Eyes:
    • Left gaze: Purple
    • Right gaze: Yellow
    • Front gaze: Blue
    • Front gaze 2: Green
  • Hair Color: Green
  • Haircut: Long bob
  • Clothes: Handmade floral dress
  • Serial Number: 143


Unboxing a Ma Poupée Chérie doll is an experience you won't forget. Inside the box you will find:

  • Doll
  • Book including certificate of authenticity and care instructions
  • Outfit as shown in the pictures:
    • Dress
    • Pantyhose
    • Shoes
  • Luxury collector's box lined with satin cloth and padded with foam for maximum protection during shipping, storage and transport

Watch my beloved customer Jennifer Hayslip from the US unbox hers


  • DO NOT alow children under age 12 to play with this doll unsupervised. It is an art object and a collector's item, handmade with care, and easily damaged, especially the face paint.
  • Always wash your hands before touching the doll. Nail polish could stain the makeup, and we recommend you use gloves if wearing nail polish to handle your doll.
  • Avoid touching the doll's face as you might damage the makeup.
  • When not playing with your doll, keep her in her original box, or in a dry place without direct sunlight. Even though I use UV resistant varnish, direct sunlight could cause the doll's face makeup to fade.


Shipping is free of cost anywhere in Europe, United Kingdom and the 50 continental USA states. Everywhere else, shipping costs €30.

I ship within 2 business days of purchase. Your doll will be packaged with love and care and I would hate to have to rush the process of packaging her and ruin your unboxing experience, or even worse, have the doll suffer damage during transport.

Your doll will be shipped from northern Belgium where I currently live. I partner with different carriers depending on where you are in the world:

  • Belgium and Netherlands - bPost - Delivery usually within 2 days
  • Rest of Europe and UK - GLS - Usually 5 to 7 business days
  • Rest of the world - bPost - Delivery can take up to 15 business days, but usually takes around 7 business days.


  • Lifetime warranty for any repairable damage not caused by wear, misuse or failure to follow the care instructions in the included booklet
  • Shipping costs for warranty repairs are to be paid for by the buyer.
  • You may contact me at any time to request a repair due to wear, misuse and accidents. I will produce a price quote for the repairs if applicable. I commit to getting all dolls repaired, even if that means full replacement, but not free of cost.

Layaway Plans

Layaway plans are offered in a maximum of 2 (two) installments and 30 days period. It works as follows:

  • When checking out, click the "Layaway plan" drop down and select the "50% now + 50% in 30 days" option
  • You will be charged a deposit of 50% of the price of the doll at checkout. This is non-refundable, even if you decide not to keep the doll later.
  • You will get a separate email from me with a link to separate listing in the shop to purchase when you are ready to make your second payment
  • I will send you a reminder 7, 3, and 1 day before your layaway payment is due, and kindly remind you to make the purchase regarding your last installment
  • I will ship your doll as soon as you pay your second installment.
  • Failure to make a payment on the second installment will result in you forfeiting, that is, giving up, the money you put up on deposit with me with your order, and cancellation of your order.
  • Please contact me as soon as you can if you won't be able to meet your second installment payment before the due date and we can figure something out.

Learn more about the layaway plan terms and conditions